Monday, May 13, 2013

New on Digis but not in drawing!!

I have been drawing since I remember, but now I am giving all my draws meanings that can reach your heart and the heart of your beloved ones! High resolution .jpg files perfect for cards, scrapbooking, smashing or whatever you want to create! Just use your heart ♥ 

These are the first digis I have created, I hope you like them...!

With enough coffee anything is possible... right? 
This girl is so tired and satisfied for all the work of the day so now she is enjoying what she most like... a good cup of coffee, lying on her home couch, with no shoes (^‿^). 

Who doesn't love Frida?
This girl is so unique, special, and full of originality, (like you!) she loves to paint and she will be so happy when you paint her too! (^‿^). 

Music says the words we're too Afraid to speak out load... that is why I am always singing!! (*O*) ♪ ♫ ♬
This girl loves the music, enjoys the music, lives for the music, she is like you... (^‿^). 

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.
 -Mahatma Gandhi-
This girl is so happy with choices that she has made in her life, everything is in its place... (^‿^). 

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